Morning Free Association: Tuukka’s Health Issues

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If you were wondering why Tuukka Rask played on Thursday but was absent from practices prior to the game on Sunday along with that game, Tuukka has the answer for you: he had a cough, one of the many symptoms that can be associated with the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Since the NHL has been rigorous in their approach in making sure that no one contracts the disease nor tests positive for it, Tuukka Rask was held out. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Terrible

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I’m not going to waste much time nor energy on how the Bruins played yesterday. They played like garbage.

April Ludgate

I wish I agreed with April Ludgate. The Bruins playing like trash is not what the 2019-2020 season is all about. It’s supposed to be about dominance and revenge, not trash. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: One Down, None to Go

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Brad Marchand predicted that the hockey would be sloppy this summer. After four months of no hockey, the Bruins faced the Blue Jackets in their one and only exhibition game. Based on how they looked, perhaps the B’s should have asked for another game. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Hockey Is Tonight!

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Today is the day, the day that the Bruins return to gameday action 4 1/2 months after the NHL suspended the regular season. Of course, tonight’s game against the Columbus Blue Jackets is only an exhibition game and it means nothing in the scheme of the round robin play or qualifiers. However, it is a game and we should be happy. Stateside, the game will be on NESN and NHL Network for your viewing pleasure starting at 7pm. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Boring Word Problems

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I admit, I’ve been saving this one, not because it’s especially fun, but because it involves so many of my least favorite things: contract talk, legalese, and worst of all: boring words problems. Because that’s what all of this is and that’s looking at it in sunny terms. At the very worst, this is how the NHL screws their players. For the most part, the stars and those with big contracts are shielded from the worst of it. You’ll see how this works out later. Continue reading