Morning Free Association: No Body Contact

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This weekend, former NHL player Eric Lindros spoke at a concussion symposium called See the Light. At it, he expressed his very specific viewpoint on what the NHL should do to prevent brain injuries: stop all body contact. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: NHL Alternate Logos

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Sure, this is old stuff. However, BarDown brought this concept back because there is one more team in the mix since the creation of these primo, top hat, alternate logos.

The Vegus Goldn Hats!

Vegus Goldn Hats


Morning Free Association: Mount Puckmore

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Greg Wyshynski made the move from Puck Daddy to ESPN last summer. What’s great about that is that he gets to build up the reputation of the four-letter network that has been known for not covering hockey much since the gave up the broadcasting rights years ago. Also great, he can show the usually stiff brand how to have fun, hockey style. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Cunninghams’ Charity Ride

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Nearly two years ago, Craig Cunningham’s career — and almost his life — ended on the ice of the Arizona Coyotes AHL affiliate in Tucson, Arizona when he experienced sudden cardiac arrest in pregame warmups. This summer, his younger brother Ryan is riding his bike from British Columbia to Arizona to raise funds for Craig’s foundation. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Goodbye to Rivalry Night

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The NBC networks announced their slate of games to be televised nationally yesterday. In an effort to appeal more broadly to fanbases and to show that the powers that be at NBC Sports have their fingers on the pulse of the NHL, they have made some exciting and necessary changes to their scheduling. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: The Summer Classic

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These days, if you’re a European NHl star it isn’t enough to just play in the Winter Classic on January 1st, you have to play in the Summer Classic in Oslo on the easy to remember date of August 11th as well. Zdeno Chara is playing both within a few months time. Continue reading