Morning Free Association: Testing

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So, player testing, what about it? What’s being used? How is it done? How are players going to be treated if they test positive? So many questions! Luckily, I may have some of those answers. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Untangling Conditions

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On Monday, the NHL and NHLPA agreed on terms of a new CBA and a plan to return to play for the 2019-2020 season. We’ll talk more about the CBA and other talk another day. Right now, we’re going to dive into the 20-page document that sets in motion the way the NHL plans to minimize exposure to infection for its players and personnel participating in this 24-team postseason. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: You Know…

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You know when you read through a 20-page document, take notes, and hope that you’ll be able to get it to coalesce into something that resembles a thoughtful piece on how the NHL is paying attention to All. The. Details. You know how that feels, right? Continue reading

Morning Free Association: 9 More Players

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Yesterday was a busy day for the NHL. On the positive side, they finally have reached an agreement with all parties with regard to finishing up the suspended season. Below is an announcement of the important dates of the season. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Fingers Pressed

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Days away from the NHL entering Phase 3 of it’s reopening plan, a step that involves training camps full of skaters, players around the NHL are enjoying the rest of their time off by doing things that they probably shouldn’t do. Like going to bars and going to the beach without their masks. Continue reading

Morning Free Association: Delayed

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I wanted to go into a deeper dive on escrow, the salary cap, the CBA, and such today but I realised that I need to spend a little more time to make it digestible. So, I’m delaying it until next week.

In the meantime, we’re observing Independence Day today here in the states even though the holiday falls on Saturday. It seems kind of empty and hollow since all the huge gatherings that we enjoy on this day have been swept to the side due to the ongoing pandemic and our internal social issues. But, hey, it’s a day off from work.

So, enjoy the day, and we’ll be back with hockey related stuff on Monday.