Bruins @ Blue Jackets 2/16/16: Period 1B – Electric Boogaloo

‘s back, back, back… Back again.

Guess who’s back, back, back, back again…

Bergy’s back… Tell a friend.

If you answered “Quiader”, you’re correct, he’s also back, and he’s scrappy. He missed being out among the people, punching them and crushing them to a nice, fine pulp.

Dumb Bruins D actually played defense and hooked and held the hell out of Alexander Wennberg, who was awarded a penalty shot, on which he capitalized. Regarding the defense: bitches be trippin’. OK, bitches actually be holdin’ and hookin’, but whatevs. Don’t kill my vibe, peeps.

Also, Bergy tied the game because he’s perfect and wonderful and everything that’s right about hockey. It’s a brand new game.


On to period 1B!

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