Morning Free Association 3/10/16

Spoons and Pasta attemp to enter Carolina's zone.

Good morning, everyone! Nothing of consequence to the Bruins’ place in the standings happened last night. Big night tonight, though! The Bruins host the Hurricanes, the Red Wings host the Jets in a battle of winged things, and Florider hosts Ottawer. If the Bruins get at least a point tonight, they’ll take over the top spot in the Atlantic Division (until Tampa Bay catches up with their games in hand).

The NHL announced four outdoor games for next season. A few days ago, they announced that the Jets will participate in their first-ever outdoor game, hosting the Oilers on October 23. The Leafs will celebrate their 100th season by hosting the Centennial Classic in a rematch against the Red Wings on January 1. Blues will host the Winter Classic the very next day at Busch Stadium, facing the Chicago Blackhawks. This will be the Hawks’ fifth outdoor game, but before you grumble about how sick of the Hawks you are, remember that they suck at outdoor games (1-3-0). Lastly, the Penguins will host the Flyers at Heinz Field on February 18.

“Hi, I’m Chad Johnson” swapped faces with Steve Dangle.

What’s on tap?


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