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Welcome to Tweet Show, Boston Bruins Edition, in which we take a look at what the players are saying and doing in the Twitterverse (and sometimes Instagram).

Hockey players are very busy people what with all the training, practicing, napping, and playing. The Boston Bruins players are no different. Believe it or not, they do have time for other things. Let’s have a peek at what’s going on in the player’s lives.

Let’s start with Bruins Centerman and Alternate Captain David Krejci. Original Czech David does not have Twitter but that’s only because he needs time to have a fabulous Instagram. Here’s the most recent picture taken a couple of weeks back.

Great win tonight. Finally going home

A photo posted by David Krejci (@dkrejci46) on

Well, two of those guys are, uh, well, not on this roadtrip. Yes, that’s how we’ll say it.

Of course, we know that that Mr. Krejci has added “Daddy” to his resumé, and according to this picture, he loves this new job.

Loving my new job

A photo posted by David Krejci (@dkrejci46) on

You have to love a guy who’s digging this new form of nightlife.

Other Czech David, David Pastrnak congratulated a former teammate and pal, William Nylander, on his call-up to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Let’s see what one of the new guys says. Defenseman John-Michael Liles was traded on February 29th to the Bruins from The Carolina Hurricanes. Being a class act, he gave a shout-out to his former organization in a pair of tweets, while looking ahead to the future.

Starting Goaltender Tuukka Rask expressed his pride in being named to Team Finland for the World Cup of Hockey.

We know that Tuukka also does some charity work with children. Here he has his friend Kacey at the rink to spend some time with him:

Even though he’s been up, then down, then up again only to be sent down to the P-Bruins, Max Talbot summarized why we love him in a single tweet shout-out.

Remember those superlatives from high school yearbooks? I believe he won “Most Likely to be Seen in Space.”

Max is such a sweet guy, he answers questions from the fans.

Marley, huh?

Landon Ferraro couldn’t have his father Ray come along on the recent Bruins Father’s Trip, so he found a paternal replacement.

Too bad that TSN didn’t have these around in time for the roadtrip. They could have sent his dad, Ray Ferraro, after all.

Finally, we have young Bruins defenseman Torey Krug giving a chat to some even younger Rhode Island hockey players as documented by the NHLPA’s Twitter:

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the lives of the players. Soon, we’ll see what the Providence Bruins have to say.

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