Morning Free Association 3/15/16

On This Day in Hockey, the Sharks are looking for a new goal song, starting with this masterpiece:

The team used to play “Rock and Roll, Part 2” by Gary Glitter, but since Glitter is serving a 16-year sentence for sex crimes against children, I guess some folks objected on the flimsy grounds of “overwhelming existential and moral horror”. Pfah!
They then consisdered such cultural blockbusters as “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback. I’d thought they’d settled on a song by SixxAM (aka Nikki Sixx), which didn’t sound at all like that last one, but they are in the midst of a fan vote right now.

So it seems like the Bruins need to match them. Might I suggest this:


In other news, the Islanders also donned green jerseys in honor of St. Patricks day.

Because hey, when I think St. Patty’s, I think Brooklyn – Am I right?

And in officiating news, Colin Campbell, the senior vice president of hockey operations for the NHL, announced on Monday that the league would be installing blue line cameras for the playoffs.
“That’s the one in-season tweak we can make,” Campbell said. “It’s not a rule change; it’s just helping make the process better.”
Yes, soup-daddy, the biggest issue with coaches’ challenges has obviously been getting the offsides calls correct. Yeah. Personally, I’m all for rewarding coaches who make spurious offsides challenges with a sound kick to the balls, but that’s just me.

Finally, I’d like to point out that the Bruins still enter March 15, 2016 with a slim 1 point lead over each Floridian team. The Bolts and Panthers have 7:30 games vs the struggling Leafs and struggling Habs, respectively. The Bruins are on the road later tonight vs. the far more respectable Sharks. Well, respectable except for that song…

Good morning! What’s on tap?

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