Bruins vs. Kings: Period the First Game Thread

I don’t remember this game, but I do remember this guy.

Welcome, everyone, to the third and (mercifully) final game on this West Coast road trip for the Boston Bruins.

The Kings last played Thursday, when they beat the Rangers at home in overtime. The Bruins haven’t played since their 3-2 loss to San Jose on Tuesday are on the second game of a SoCal back-to-back.

Of note is a reminder how deep we are into the 2015-16 season: If the Kings win tonight, they can clinch a playoff spot. Check out this article.

“A win and help could return Los Angeles to the postseason for the first time since 2014.”

That’s some drought, guys. Wow. The Kings and their fans have shown some real character during this most trying of times.

Lines tonight look like this:

And the defensive pairings:

Oh and don’t forget to cast your vote to Don Sweeney for who will be the Bruins’ first goal scorer.

Thanks for hanging out with me tonight. Hope you’ve had your coffee, as much as I hope the Bruins have had theirs.

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