West Coast Road Trip Summary: Bruins Lose 2-1 to Kings

The Bruins played what was probably their best game of this god-forsaken road trip but still ended up falling to the Kings by a score of 2-1, and therefore collecting no points on this road trip. Zero. Nada.

The Bruins played a fairly solid game and put in a great effort, and even sacrificed life and limb for each other.

You gotta love when the Little Lion Man makes an appearance.

But after a slow start, and a stupid last-minute goal by Tanner Pearson the Bruins found themselves down 1-0.

And then just 2:40 into the second period, Alec Martinez put the game out of reach for Boston.

The Bruins really had a shitty first period, being outshot something like 12-5. After the Martinez goal, they put in one hell of an effort, but it wasn’t enugh. Jonathan Quick was the difference maker in stopping each and every shot the Bruins threw at him.

Except for Tyler Randell’s.

Tyler Randell continues to build on his obnoxiously ridiculous shot percentage by putting one shot in goal (nope, not a typo) last night.

Not Quick enough, Jonathan!

With all those chances the Bruins had in terms of breakaways and power plays during the last…35 minutes of the game, they just couldn’t capitalize on ANY of them.

I don’t necessarily agree with this statement as it relates to this game in particular, but I gotta say, if there’s anything I miss from past Bruins seasons, it’s a feisty Tuukka.

The Bruins are headed back to the east coast but will STILL on be their road trip when they will be playing the New York Rangers. Expect Handsome Henrik Lundqvist in net for the Rangers.

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The Kings did a great job of taking up space and getting sticks on sticks. They didn’t give the B’s a lot of second chances. And Quick’s rebound control was excellent.


Running into hot goalies is the story of this whole road trip


Seriously. Blah.


This game.
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