Morning Free Association 3/21/16 – Snow Day!

Good Morning, Peeps!

It’s Monday and… oh dang it, it’s f^&^ing Monday. And snowing.

(BTW, how hard do you think the photog above had to kneel down to make that tiny pile of snow look like it was as tall as the Capitol building?)

The Bruins are off util Wednesday, but after the last 3 games, I’m not so sad about that.

The Floridians have both leapfrogged the B’s, and the Crosby’s lept over the Isles. So Boston is in 3rd place in the Atlantic, and the stupid Red Wings are trying to bump ’em to 2nd wild card. Boooo. Just get in to the playoffs, but dangit, I liked the B’s being in first.

The Caps’ Mike Weber destroyed the Pens’ Bryan Rust in a completely stupid boarding. Stay classy buddy, stay classy. DOPS is looking into it. Imagine the uproar if Ovi pulled something like that.

Ohhhh….. right… nothing would happen. “I just try to play the puck, and he kind of turned.” (BTW, at no point in the video is Ovi’s stick anywhere near pointing towards the ice, nor did he change his trajectory or speed when Miller turned. It was a shitty hit, Ovi. Man up to it next time.)

The NWHL wrapped up their playoffs & their 1st annual awards. And who cleaned up?

Pride Sweep Inaugural NWHL Awards

Those guys! (er… gals. You know what I meant.) Woot!
(BTW, shouldn’t we just be calling them the First Ever Isobel Cup Champion Boston Pride every time we reference them? The “Regular Season Champion” award sounds so much like an Indianapolis Colts thing.)

What’s on tap with you guys?


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