Morning Free Association 3/24/16 – Where’s David-O?

Ohhhhhh….. what happened last night?


Have you seen this man?
David Krejci

This is Bruins center David Krecji
Aliases: David, French Fries, Czech-1

Once leading the NHL in scoring, David Krejci has gone missing*.
David had previously been seen generating lots of goals, and most definitely not being skated around by Rick Nash.

His friends and teammates miss him deperately.
If you find him, please call us, or contact his son, David

“Come back, David. We need you!”

This has been a public service announcement.

*To be fair, Krejci scored 1G 1A vs the Sharks a mere 3 games ago, and looked great doing so, but he & Pastrnak have been blanked for the last 3 games, with negative +/-, and the timing for a scoring slump is not very good. It sure would have been nice to see his line have a bigger positive impact last night.

In other news, Boston Bruins forward “Scoring Finish” has been reassigned to their AHL affiliate in Providence, RI. The Bruins have activated “No Goal” who had 2 assists last night.


Hoping for better tonight.
Good morning folks.

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