Morning Free Association 3/28/16 – Everything is Awesome

The Boston Bruins are trying to get to the NHL playoffs. No problem, right?

After the season the Bruins have had, while we may doubt that they are strong Stanley Cup contenders, at least they’re sure to make it into the tournament, right? Sure! I just checked last week at a stats & simulation site who calculated that the Bruins had a 98% chance to make the playoffs. No problem, right?

Yep, everything is awesome!

Just to catch you folks up,

The Bruins had a heartbreaking loss Thursday night, and in their rear view mirror, the Flyers won and the Red Wings won.

That placed the Bruins at 3rd in the Atlantic division with 86 points in 75 games played.
The wild card teams NYI & Philly were now at 87Pts (72GP) and 85Pts (73GP) respectively
Behind them was Detroit at 85 points with 74 games played.

So if the Red Wings won their game in hand, and match the Bruins for the rest, the Bruins won’t even make the playoffs.

The Bruins’ odds of making the playoffs were 98% going into Wednesday’s Rangers game. They were still at 91.5% by lunchtime on Thursday. They woke up on Friday at 69.7%. And have had a 5 game losing streak.
(Playoff statistics from Sports Club Stats)

Yaaaaayyyyyy! Buy your playoff tickets now.

But wait! The Red Wings played Pittsburgh on Saturday, who clobbered them, 7-2! Then the Bruins played the Maple Leafs on Saturday night (which is apparently all right for a fight), and they started out slow, but then remembered a minor point — regular season games actualy count! They found their legs in the 2nd period, (let me repeat that: they found their game in the 2nd period) and came out of it with a 3-1 victory. Now they are 3 points up on that team who has a game in hand on them, and their playoff chances are back up to 86.3%. The Bruins’ magic number is 5.5 wins or Red Wings losses, and they get into the playoffs.

OK, guys, the party is back on!

Ok, perhaps we should reign in our enthusiasm just a little.
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