Around the Rink: Adios, Anton!

So long, Dobie – we hardly knew ye!

Today, we have an interesting grab bag of all things hockey – free agency, college hockey, European players jumping ship (and rightfully so), stats, fancy stats, and more.

  • Former Bruins backup Anton Khudobin is understandably sick of the minors, and is heading home to play in the KHL.
  • Hall of Famer Guy Lafleur thinks the Habs are as bad as we do.
  • The NCAA D1 Hockey Championship, AKA the Frozen Four is down to, well, four.
  • A series of emails regarding concussions and fighting was recently unsealed by a Minnesota judge.

  • shots 5v5

  • Down Goes Brown had himself a nice Norris debate.
  • Finnish defenseman Sami Lepisto could be eyeing a return to the NHL, and it seems some teams are interested.
  • Because Canadian teams are mostly garbage these days, TSN has a fancy draft lottery tracker.
  • Want to know some things about the Frozen Four? Well then, here are some things you need to know about the Frozen Four.


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    The Hockey News has nice things to say about Brandon Carlo:

    I really liked what I saw from him in the preseason. Lots of physical presence, lots of poise. Can’t wait for him to play with the big kids.

    The BOB
    The BOB

    Kane plays for Boston now? Who knew! (Check the infographic under biggest impression)

    The BOB
    The BOB

    Who runs the Bruins_stats handle? Seems like someone here would know/be it


    Up there with the wonderful mystery person who runs the @TheDonSweeney handle, which is stellar

    The Once and Future Bagel Bruin

    Good question