Bruins @ Blackhawks Game Thread the First

It’s snow joke the Bruins need to bring their A-game for these last few games of the season

Good morning all!

How are you feeling? Chugging the Maalox yet?

Maalox. The Official Drink of the Boston Bruins Race to the Playoffs
Maalox. The Official Drink of Bruins Fans During the Race to Clinch a Playoff Spot!

Never fear, we don’t need to panic just yet.


I’m hoping the Bruins will play a better defensive game than they did Friday. Hearing Chelsea Dagger play five times today would be five times too many.

You know, just once, I would love to see someone figure out a way to secretly switch the Hawks goal song.

I have some ideas:

These were the lines the Bruins were practicing with yesterday:

I don’t have the Blackhawks lines available just yet, but we know the Hawks will be skating two out of their three dumb jerks. Keith is starting the first of his six game suspension.

Scott Darling will get the start in net for the Hawks. Tuukka Baby will most likely be in net for the Bruins.

What’s on tap, people?!

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