Morning Free Association 4/4/16

Did I ever tell you that I had a Rottweiler once? She was a gorgeous gal, that Amber. So much her own dog, she loved her people, but she was fine to walk herself on her own. Many people have no idea just how funny and smart these dogs are. Amber had a Rottie friend, Thor, who lived down the street from her, and they would often make up games to play with each other like “Around Around Around, Through the Car” and “I Got the Stick”. The look that the above dog has is a look I have seen often especially when told she had to go home, like she had no idea what that meant.

So, why am I talking about my beloved, long deceased dog? Because I’d rather talk about dead dogs than the Bruins right now. They are doing themselves no favours with their play of late.

While they are 5 playoff spots open in the Eastern Conference, each day and each game played closes the door a little more for the Bruins. Simply put, they need to win these last few games. The Red Wings have 1 point and no games in hand on the Bruins. The Flyers also have 1 point plus 1 game on the Bruins for the second Wild Card slot. Interestingly enough, the next game for each of these teams is on Wednesday in Detroit.

The Bruins will wrap up the regular season with a three-game homestand, the first of which will be against the Hurricanes on Tuesday. Every win is Super Duper Importantâ„¢ but the game against Detroit on Thursday might be the most important game of the week, the season even, for the Bruins. Let’s hope that the Wings play poorly on the second game of a back-to-back. Better yet, let’s root for Team Meteor on Tuesday.

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