Recap: Hurricanes vs. Bruins

Where do I even begin? I mean the obvious answer to recapping a hockey game would be to start at the beginning, close the piece with the final score and a blurb about who the Bruins play next. Yet, as the Bruins dropped the second biggest game of the season 2-1 in the shootout to the Carolina Hurricanes, I’m finding myself at a loss to begin this one.


Rask was terrific tonight. Making big save after big save all night long. Even the defense was pretty solid tonight, just no goal scoring. As Dale Arnold said during the post game report, consistently the Bruins have been unable to string an entire team effort full 60 minute game. Some nights the goal scoring is there, but the defense / goal tending isn’t, other night’s it’s the other way around. For those that didn’t get to see the whole game though, here we go.


The game starts off with Ron Hainsey ringing iron three and a half minutes into the period.


At 5:53, Jimmy Hayes tries to fight Brad Malone, and collectively people wonder, “Was that a fight?” Replay shows yes, both players have the gloves come off, so indeed it was a fight, but uhhhh. No. Don’t fight, okay, Hayes?
The Canes make two trips to the penalty box at 8:24 & 14:42 as Noah Hanifin & Chris Terry both take holding penalties.


Bruins go 0-2 on the PP and that’s that.
A few seconds after Rask makes his third huge stop of the period. Jaccob Slavin scored his second of the season, giving the Hurricanes a 1-0 lead.

This is not a good stat here Bruins

Second period
Very little happened in this period. Other than the rarely called, yet amusing to the 12 year old side of me, “Holding the Stick” penalty, this period was a dud. Some zone time early, some PK time, some PP time. Carolina hemming them in later in the period. You know, classic Bruins second period stuff. Lets take a break and watch a cute puppy get tired.

isn’t that cute?

Third Period
It’s do or die time now Bruins. Okay, maybe not die, but maimed then? Loui Eriksson buries his 29th of the season 1:45 into the period on an absolute garbage line change by the Hurricanes.

props for not taking a too much man penalty there, but uhhh maybe you should have

At several points throughout the third period, the TD Garden erupted with a “We Want Playoffs” chant from the fans. Can’t say I blame them. Many jokes are made however about where the chants starts, like from the Neely / Sweeney suite or the Jacobs suite. My vote: upper bowl drunks.
Late in the game, with the score still tied 1-1. Captain Zdeno Chara makes a game, maybe even season, saving save by pulling the puck off the goal line as it somehow trickles through Rask’s five hole.

zeeson saving play amirite!?

Stick tap to Pete Blackburn who GIF’d Chara listening to Bearly on Topic’s “A Playoff Carol” realizing that it’s content might actually come true.

Regulation comes to an end though and it’s still 1-1.

Overtime & shootout
Good post returns again as the first scoring chance goes Carolina’s way, but doesn’t count as a shot thanks to iron. At 2:26 in the OT Jordan Staal trips up Colin Miller, and they both go off for matching minors. People smarter than me think it’s the right call on Miller for embellishment, but to me it looked very similar to the tripping penalty on Loui Eriksson in the second.


Again, the over time ends 1-1, and now the Bruins HAVE to get this second point right?

Nope. Noah Hanifin scores the loan goal in the 10th round of the shoot out to win this one 2-1. No two points. Still behind in ROW. Now with Detroit having a game in hand and the Flyers having two games in hand, and only having two games remaining.

It was #ClicheNight though, and I will close with my favorite cliche from IntentionallyWidenberg

It’s not how many saves you make
it’s how many you don’t make.


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