Night of the Living Thread! Red Wings at Bruins Original Thread


As many of you know, I am a proud Rhode Islander, or Icelander based upon the recent attempt at a tourism campaign, and we have this wonderful flag to symbolize hope not only our tiny state, but for the nation. Today, I would like to extend that hope for the Bruins to make the playoffs.

I have hope. It’s about a shot full, maybe two, depending upon how you look at it. Admittedly, this glass is probably two shots worth.

shot glass full of hope

Each period I’ll document how much I have left for your viewing pleasure.

Some people pair wine with dinner, or even beer, I like to pair songs with despair. Each thread, I’m going to share a song or two that sums up how I’m feeling about this all-important game.

Okay! By now we know that it is an uphill climb to get a playoff berth. Here are all the scenarios for them to make it: Bruins must win tonight and against the Senators on Saturday, Wings have to lose both the game tonight and Saturday against the Rangers, the Flyers just need to engage in spontaneous combustion and cease to exist. Actually, if the Wings would just do the polite thing and do that as well, that would be just peachy. Whatever happens, the Bruins somehow did this to themselves.




Tuukka Rask
Jonas Gustavsson

According to Daily Faceoff


Red wings lines


Red wings defense


Jimmy Howard
Petr Mrazek

So, what are you offering to the Hockey Gods™ doing to ease your mind tonight?


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