Game 82 Recap: I Hate Everything, And So Should You

The time has come.

Being merciful is the right thing to do, so I’ll cut to the chase: the Bruins lost 6-1 yesterday afternoon and were later eliminated from the postseason picture because the Flyers did more than the bare minimum. The Flyers have 27 pieces of flair.


The Bruins couldn’t even muster up the requisite 15 pieces of flair. Nope. Not even a bare minimum performance by most of them. They managed to keep up at first, gain a lead, and then just gave up completely.

talking abuot flair

Yesterday in our game thread/preview, I mentioned consistency. What I meant was that if the Bruins put forth a consistent effort and played hard and smart for sixty minutes, they should have beaten the Senators handily. While non-playoff teams often relish playing the spoiler role, the Bruins showing up and doing their jobs for the entire game would likely have brought them to the Promised Land.

red sea

Admittedly, the Bruins were behind the 8-ball with Rask out due to illness.

It seemed reasonable, though, to believe that if they brought their A-game, they could still win, as Jonas Gustvasson is a serviceable backup.

The first period was pretty even, with lots of back and forth play. An equal opportunity period, you could say. When the opening 20 ended, the Bruins had a 1-0 lead on a beautiful David Pastrnak goal, set up (maybe unintentionally) by a stretch pass/lob from Brad Marchand. Obviously it was no sure thing that the Bruins would hold on to this lead, but one couldn’t help but feel good after the first period.

But it was not to be.

15 fuck 10

The second period went the way typical Bruins second periods seem to go. Chris Neil was hanging out in the crease, unbothered by Bruins defensemen who were, inexplicably, behind the net. Neil wouldn’t give up on a puck buried under Jonas Gustavsson, eventually managed to squeeze it into the net, and tied the game. Goals by Smith, Puempel, and Zibanejad followed. 4-1 Senators at the end of the second.

do here

what the hell

The third period was all about missed opportunities, turnovers, and lost puck battles. Boston lucked out and were awarded a powerplay after Ben Harpur (I think I saw him open for Pearl Jam in 1998?) interfered wtih David Pastrnak. Claude Julien then took a page out of Patrick Roy’s book and pulled Gustavsson in hopes that the Bruins could make something happen offensively if they’re up two players. Reasonable, especially if the season — and possibly your job — is on the line. Of course, since they were shorthanded, the Senators weren’t afraid to ice the puck, and Pageau scored on the empty net. The Black & Gold looked better than they had in the second period, but not good enough to tie the game, or more importantly, win.

There’s little doubt that the Bruins will be shaking things up in the coming weeks, and addressing the defense issue. Or maybe they won’t.

work itself out


  • David Pastrnak tried to singlehandedly get his team into the playoffs. No, dice, though. Sorry David, you worked really hard and deserve better than the effort your teammates gave you.
  • Captain Zdeno Chara was beside himself during postgame interviews, and stormed off when DJ Bean asked if he was disappointed in his team.
  • The Bruins are fourth in the league in goals for, and are the only team out of the playoff picture with a positive goal differential. It’s tough being the most talented loser two seasons in a row.
  • There is an assumption that Claude Julien will be relieved of his duties. I think the last point shows that perhaps he shouldn’t be.
  • The defense needs to be addressed. This is not a goaltending problem, and while the forwards could be more consistent (I’d be happy with 3 or 4 goals each game instead of 6 goals in one game, one goal in the next, etc.), the big issue here is the blueline. If Sweeney can improve there, then this team is once again very good.

  • That’s all I’ve got.
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    Miss Muse
    Miss Muse

    I was reading somewhere someone made the suggestion to relieve Z of his C and maybe give it to Bergy. I’m not sure how that would help, but what are your thoughts on this?

    Also I think Haggs (Hacks) was upset with the way Krejci non-chalantly answered a question about the loss of the game and the playoffs “You can be angry, you can be whatever, but it is what it is,” and was calling out his leadership skills, but I just have to wonder how much of that is going through something as hard as ending the season that way (again) and being in shock about it.

    Thoughts, anyone?

    The BOB
    The BOB

    Meaningless. It’s not like Z is a bad captain or Berg has no leadership role. The problems have been due to lack of personnel, not leadership or coaching.

    Stripping him off the C would have zero impact whatsoever

    Miss Muse
    Miss Muse

    Yeah I think it could have more of a negative impact if any impact at all. Marshy was taking on a leadership role this year with out any sort of extra letter adorning him.

    I just like musing (hur hur) about these decisions as a way to conduct a post-mortem I guess.


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    This sucks. The Bruins suck. The Red Wings suck. The Flyers suck. Wherever Tuukka ate last night sucks.
    Actual footage of Bruins fan playoff party:
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    Actual footage of the IT dept.:
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    So that went well yesterday.

    Miss Muse
    Miss Muse

    How come the IT staff get those fancy suits and I’m sitting here with holes in my socks?! exclamation