Morning Free Association 4/14/16

Lots of hockey was hockeyed last night. And the hockey guys will hockey 33% more tonight!

It’s GAME DAY!! As was Last night!!!

3 hockey games to watch! Four tonight!

I shall leave the spoilers to the Game recap which will come out later this morning.

However, I’ll say that the Red Wings vs Lightning game had a lot going on. It was hard to even keep up live tweeting it.

Other hockey stuff in Bruins land:

The P-Bruins made the postseason. We look forward to them competing for the Calder cup.

And this will happen soon:

And this:

And there’s this little gem:

It this rearranging the deck chairs? JJ retiring? Neely getting a different role? Stay tuned to ‘As the Puck Turns

Too much stuff going on. Can’t even make joke. hockey
Good morning folks.

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