Reactions to Julien staying on as Head Coach

By now you’ve heard that Claude Julien will be behind the Bruins bench next season for a tenth straight year. You’ve heard what Don Sweeney and Claude have to say about this move, and as you can read, we at B2B saw little to no sense in firing him, but let’s take a look now at what the Twitterverse had to say about this important announcement.

Some of course were snarky:


But a lot thought that the Bruins made the right call:

So what’s next for the Bruins? Don’t worry, Twitter is thinking of that, too!

This is probably going to shape up to be an interesting off-season, personnel-wise. What are your thoughts on this first of what might end up being many, moves?

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I feel relieved. Good decision.

Satan 81's Sister

I think Dale Arnold summed it up best for me:

What @NHLBruins GM Don Sweeney has made clear is that there is not a better coach available right now than Claude Julien. Smart call.

— Dale Arnold (@DaleEArnold) April 14, 2016




The talk that bothers me more than this; is trading Rask. It makes waaaay more sense to fire CJ than to trade Rask. Not that I wanted either to stop being in Boston, but I was at least open to firing CJ. I mean, I heard out the detractors, gave them some points and decided I was against it. Rask trade talk just highlights how little that person knows anything. If you think you should we should trade Rask, keep it to yourself or people with even a mediocre sense of hockey will look at you like an idiot. Its like telling everyone you know you like Trump because of his wall or think vaccines cause autism.


The thing that gets me is that in the last week I’ve heard people with genuine hockey cred talking about losing confidence in Rask:
Luedeke, Pierre McGuire & Don Cherry.
It’s weird – none of them have had a good argument, but there it is.

I don’t give a crap about the WEEI morning crowd, or Felger & Mazz or SCOC or HFBoards visitors. The he’s not mentally tough argument seems misguided, and based on him not trying to tough out a 3hr performance (60 game minutes) when he’s got an unknown malady and there is another ‘tender who is probably better healthy than Rask is while sick. And most arguments have a built-in ridiculous expectation that because he isn’t having a year like Holtby-2015 or Price-2014, that he sucks.
But when you’ve got actual hockey scout types saying ‘Rask has to take a good long look at his performance’, there is something there.

Rask definitely came into the season really cold, and wasn’t bailing the team out much in the last month, but for a stretch in mid-season, he was keeping them in games that they should have lost.

There’s probably an article worth writing here, but I feel like I’m missing a piece.


I dunno about Cassidy getting the Assistant nod is a good move for him- it generally seems that head coach in the AHL is a closer step to NHL Head Coach than NHL Assistant is. I like DJ Bean’s idea for hiring Nate Leaman as the new assistant.

Of course, theres no certainty that we don’t have 3 Assistant’s jobs open- Sweeney did make it clear that no decisions have been made on Jarvis and Sacco, and neither have contracts right now