Morning Free Association 4/18/16 – Patriot’s Day

Today is not only day five of the Stanley Cup playoffs, it is also Patriots Day. Othewise known as “The day we remind ourselves that Kenyans & Ethiopians run much faster than us“.

Yes, today is the running of the Boston Marathon. The day in which no one may travel across eastern Massachusetts unscathed (or at least in less than 90 minutes).

And because of some self-righteous dickheads, it is also the day where all the police have to come out and show us their latest toys, and search your beer coolers & backpacks. Because it stil draws crowds:

But there was also some good hockey this weekend.
Not just in the NHL, but also the Under-18 IIHF, where USA hockey defeated Latvia. And in the AHL, where the P-Bruins kicked some buttock, securing some home games for the playoffs.

Need. more. coffee.
Guzzling coffee

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