Morning Free Association 4/19/16 – Insurrection!

People shot at each other in Lexington yesterday.

Yesterday was Patriots’ day in Massachusetts. The day we celebrate getting an extra day to do our tax forms.
There was tons of stuff going on yesterday, but not all of it in the world of ice hockey.

Things that happened yesterday in NOT HOCKEY:

Obviously a Lexington & Concord battle reenactment happened
(see above)

The Boston Marathon was run successfully yesterday:

Including Marathon Bombing survivors:

Marathon bombing survivor (with prosthetic leg) hugs wife after completing this year’s marathon

The Ethiopians kicked our asses AGAIN! Why does this keep happening to us? I guess I’ll just console myself with another pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Then there were NHL Playoffs to watch

Ovechkin scored:


Feel bad about how your playoff bracket is going? It could be worse…

And other peculiarities:

Bobby2Bergy ‏@Bobby2Bergy 37m37 minutes ago
Shippin up to Boston” played in land-locked Minneapolis with no Boston Bruins in playoffs. So Jordie Benn & Charlie Coyle start throwing punches. #MINvsDAL

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