Down n’ Dirty Second Round Predictions Eastern Conference

The Second Round, or Quarterfinals, are nigh. What will happen in the Eastern Conference? Bobby to Bergy is here to give you our #HotTakes.

the german hammer:
(1)Washington Capitals vs (2)Pittsbugh Penguins: The Capitals and Penguins played each other 5 times over the regular season with the Penguins winning the series 3-2. Even though the Pens are hot off their commanding win of that Rags series, I still think Washington will hold on and win this series in 7 games. Washington just has to win, don’t they?

(WC1)New York Islanders vs (2)Tampa Bay Lightning: In the regular season three-game-series, the Isles won 2-1. And the Isles are pretty hot right now. My official bracket was broken due to that scrappy team beating the FancyCats and I think they’ll get it done here, again in 7 games.

(1)Washington Capitals vs (2)Pittsburgh Penguins: I’m tellin’ ya, the Consol Energy Center looks like it’s full of Peeps. Caps in 5.

(WC1)New York Islanders vs (2)Tampa Bay Lightning: Stamkos being out gave Drouin a chance to prove himself. Now the Bolts have Stamkos and Drouin. Bolts in 6.

(1)Washington Capitals vs (2)Pittsburgh Penguins: A month ago I would have predicted the Caps to take this in 5, but since then, Pittsburgh has been peaking while the Caps have been treading water. This series screams to me “Choking Hazard: Not designed for teams who have a hard time getting past round 2 of the playoffs”. I think The Pens come out on top in 6.

(WC1)New York Islanders vs (2)Tampa Bay Lightning: This is a difficult one. I think the Lightning have their work cut out for them; the Isles are a better team than the Red Wings were and have shown that they can hang in there longer than they should. Greiss has been playing very well, with an impressive .944 save % in the playoffs. I don’t think Stamkos will make an appearance this round. Islanders in 7.

(1)Washington Capitals vs (2)Pittsburgh Penguins: Well I didn’t pick this one right as far as the Bracket Challenge went. Pittsburgh absolutely rolled over the Rangers in round one while the Capitals ended up stumbling a little against the Flyers. Washington is the better team though with the better goalie. That’s the advantage for me. Caps in 6

(WC1)New York Islanders vs (2)Tampa Bay Lightning: I missed on this one too as I had the Fancy-Cats advancing. Stamkos is skating again which will be a huge boost for the Lightning when he returns. The playoff experience for the Lightning comes into play here, and ultimately this defensive group is better than the Islanders. Lightning in 6.

(1)Washington Capitals vs (2)Pittsburgh Penguins:
The Caps’ powerplay is too good right now. Braden Holtby is too good most of the time. The Penguins are playing very well, but have been rather chokey in recent years. Giving the edge to Ovie & Company, because the Russian Machine Never Breaks. Seven games, Caps win all of them.

(WC1)New York Islanders vs (2)Tampa Bay Lightning:
The Greiss and Halak show will continue to impress, Tavares is fantastic, and I don’t think Tampa Bay is as intimidating as they’re made out to be. It could be because our inconsistent Bruins usually don’t have trouble with them. Of course, same goes for the Islanders. Still, Islanders in six.


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