Morning Free Association 4/28/16 – Out with the old, In with the New

Last night, we watched the beginning of round two of the NHL playoffs.
Then we watched round one of the NHL playoffs.
Cuz, reasons.

Congratulations to the Predators for advancing. We must now choke down our bile at seeing popular players James Neal and Mike Ribeiro move forward, and console ourselves with the fact the Corey Perry, Ryan Kesler, and David Perron have been eliminated.

Flushed Away!

And for the Ladies, Roman Josi

Roman Josi

Game One of Nashville vs San Jose is TOMORROW. Nice scheduling forethought there, NHL.

Let’s just review – because it’s fun…

In case you missed it,

The US came in 3rd in the IIHF under-18 World Ice Hockey Championship, beating Canada 10-3 in the medal round.
1. Finland
2. Sweden
3. USA
(4th – Canada)

Good morning!

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