Draft Lottery and Playoff Game Thread

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The NHL draft lottery is tonight! Will the Bruins get stupid lucky? Will Toronto get a top-3 pick? Will Edmonton get the #1 pick again? Will Austin Matthews play for his hometown Coyotes?

We also have manatee hockey as the Bolts host the Islanders, and the Crosby-vs-Ovechkin-except-everyone-else-is-scoring rivalry continues this evening! We got:

Islanders @ Lightning, 3:00ET, Islanders lead 1-0
NHL Draft Lottery, 8:00ET (right before the game, CBC and NBC)
Crosbys @ Ovechkins, 8:00ET, Ovechkins lead 1-0


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the german hammer

Orpik is a shitbag. I hope he gets what he deserves. Some might say suspension, others might say devastating questionable hit that knocks him out of the game short or long-term. You choose your own adventure here.


hey friends!

had some fun at my nephews birthday party today. Bummed the Bruins couldn’t move up, but Edmonton didn’t win so yay! A part of me wanted Arizona to get the #1 to draft the local kid, but alas, nope. Here’s hoping they can land McAvoy & maybe DeBrindcat with the SJ pick


The effing tank job leafs?
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