Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round Two, Day Three

Woo-hoo! Two games were happening Friday night, both in the Western Conference. Who will win the first game of each of these series.

Blues at Stars:

There’s at least one, maybe two people on B2B who clearly believes in one of these two teams. I am not that person. This series is not one that I will enjoy. It’s been stated quietly among ourselves that I will be hate-watching this: I hate the Stars, having suffered through that miserable Stars-Wild series and I nothing the Blues. As much hope and enthusiasm as Carvinbass18 has for this Blues team, I have the opposite: I believe that they will screw it up somewhere, that they were lucky to escape that first-round match-up against the Blackhawks. This series recap may just be a slow descent into madness.

First Period:

Fifty-seven seconds in, Brian Elliott launches the puck right into the stands. Robby Fabbri serves the Delay of Game penalty. Don’t worry, nothing happens because one minute later, Jamie Benn Cross-Checks Alex Pietrangelo near the benches just because.

The Blues had a great scoring chance when Paul Stastny tried to stuff it in on Kari Lehtonen three times just before the halfway point in the period.

Later, the Stars have a good scoring chance between linemates Benn, Cody Eakin, Patrick Sharp.

More shots, more stops, and one more penalty.

Second Period:

Do I want ice cream on a stick or in a bowl? This question is infinitely more interesting than the beginning of this period.

Oh, hey, that jerkwad is there as per usual. “I bang on the glass and hold a sign that says BANG.” I guess some of us need more attention than others.

bang on the glass jerk

At 9:36, Antoine Roussel scores the first goal of the series.

Pierre is saying something about Patrick Eaves wearing his dad’s number, that his father who played for the Minnesota North Stars and I DON’T CARE, PIERRE!

Through two periods, Dallas has 30 shots on goal, St. Louis 17.

Third Period:

“Mountain Song” by Jane’s Addiction is playing within the first two minutes of the Third. This brings back happy memories of show a Rocky Point Palladium and takes me away from this game. I like the Dallas music guy.

Oh, can both of these people lose this fight? Travis Moen (Ex-Hab) and Steve Ott (Current Jerkface) square off for a bit, resulting in matching Roughing penalties. Can they both just disappear forever?

Elliott makes a great stop on Roussel, with puck ending up behind the goal after the whistle is blown. Everyone loses sight of it.

Goddamit Blues! I want to watch the next game! Why did you have to tie it up, Kevin Shattenkirk!

Radek Faksa scores at 15:16. Elliott makes the initial stop on Ales Hemsky. The puck stays in the crease and Faksa lifts it in for the score.

The action has definitely picked up for two reasons: (1) the teams just remembered that the Third Period is the last period of the game, and that the last few minutes are also the end of the game and (2) I have become much more interested in the fact that Kevin Faulk made Patriots fans proud by announcing their first draft pick while wearing a Tom Brady jersey and stating that the Patriots and Tom Brady select …some guy, a cornerback, I think.

The Blues go empty net. Lehtonen makes a save with 30-something seconds to go.

Some guy on the Blues bench thinks his chin strap is a nose fashion accessory. I wish someone had grabbed a screenshot of this. These final seconds are all of desperation. Dallas holds onto lead and takes Game One. Jason Spezza may be the only player on the Stars who is able to speak because they keep talking to him before and after the game. I thank the Hockey Gods™ this is over. Game Two is sometime on Sunday.

Predators at Sharks:

This game sucked.
OK, I have no real dog in this fight. I want to see the Preds win because wishing the Sharks well is JUST NOT DONE here.
And dammit, it looked pretty good for Nashville, what with a scoreless first period, and then a power play goal by Mike Fisher in the second period as the only tally. Twenty minutes to go and what could go wrong?
Hertl on the power play, less than three minutes in ties the score up. Joel Ward then scores to pull the Sharks ahead for good. Logan Couture would make the score 3-1. And Ryan Johansen would make things interesting by cutting the lead to 3-2 with less than two minutes to go, after Pekka Rinne was pulled for the extra attacker.
But that would come back to bite them somewhere special as the Sharks would score not one but two empty net goals to cement the win for the Sharks.
I’ve seen word that the Preds have called up goalie Marek Mazanec, which indicates that Rinne may, in fact, be injured.
The next game will be played Sunday night (8 p.m. ET, 5 p.m. PT) in San Jose.

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