Morning Free Association 5/2/2016: Keep on keepin on

Wow. Hockey fans are mean.

It looks like another exciting morning today.

Of dreary dreary drizzle.

Toronto Maple Leafs got the first pick in the upcoming draft. Followed by TSN Hockey failing to discuss anything else hockey related for 24 hours in spite of the Stanley Cup playoff game in progress.

Austin Matthews is assumed to have already been drafted by the ‘Leafs as is Steven Stamkos assumed to be signed. The hockey media have largely embraced Toronto’s tank job as brilliant, though a few folks have pointed out how predictable & sleazy this sort of thing is every year.

Toronto fans have suddeny awoken and (predictably) annointed themselves as Stanley Cup bound and all other fans as Jealuoz HATRZ! Here’s hoping Shanahan trades the first pick for Jordan Caron and Zach Hamill and pays $14M for someone.

But hey, at least Brooks Orpik got suspended, so all is not wrong in the world.

Playoffs are still playing off tonight. Except without Orpik or Olli Maatta.

What’s going on in your world?

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