Stanley Cup Playoffs: Western Conference Final, Game Three

First of all, I just want to point out that I love the fan experience that many of the playoff teams are doing right. I have been to one playoff game in Boston and While I love the tradition of the flag waving, it is seriously lacking. Let’s hope that when the Bruins get back to the playoffs, they do it better.

The Pavelskis are in the house, tonight.

I used to see those stupid “Sharks Territory” signs in the Pro Shop at our local skating megaplex in town and I would get so angry. Yes, that was for the Worcester Sharks (RIP) and this is Bruins country! Now, the memory makes me angry because I can’t watch a P-Bruins game twenty minutes from my house.

First Period:

Tomas Hertl opens up the scoring almost sixteen minutes into the period.

At the end of the period, Alex Pietrangelo is called for charging Hertl.

He was not having a good night.

Second Period:

Joonas Donskoi adds to the lead with a goal at 11:44.

The Sharks call him Donkey.

Third Period:

Tomas Hertl’s second goal of the night chases Brian Elliott from the goal. Jake Allen takes over after Elliott allowed 3 goals on 14 shots.

At this point, the Sharks have not allowed a goal by the Blues for seven periods.

Not tonight, Pete.

Ugh, just a few minutes to go and the sound guy is playing Rancid. I liked it the first time around when it was The Clash.

Oh yeah, the game! Jake Allen leaves the net with a little more than five minutes to go. This kind of sucks for the Sharks since it basically has put them on a 5-minute Penalty Kill, except that they have their normal complement of players on the ice. They get a couple of chances, most notably when Joe Pavelski just misses the empty net with 64 seconds to go.

At the one-minute mark they play that song.

With 45 seconds to go, Alex Pietrangelo goes to the box for Elbowing, essentially making them at even-strength again. Neither team scores and the Sharks win.

Overall, both teams were pretty disciplined in the respect that there were only three penalties the entire game. The talking heads on NBCSNPDQASAP had some remarks about the Blues hitting game. Blues: you will not win this series if you follow Milbury and Jones’ advice about hitting the Sharks early and often; you need to get the puck on your sticks and take shots. You need a speedier, smarter game here because the Sharks have your number. Consistency is key, especially when minimizing your mistakes. They smell the blood in the water… and you will lose.

The Sharks lead the series 2-1. Next game is at the SAP Center on Saturday at 7:15pm on NBC and CBC.

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Ugh I didn’t want to believe you GH but it’s looking more and more like you’re right that the Blues aren’t for real sad