B2B’s 2016 NHL Entry Draft Preview: Pick 44

With the draft approaching, we decided it was time to rank some prospects and write some profiles. We’re going to rank the first 45 picks. If you’re curious how we came up with the draft order, three of us ranked players, and we averaged the ranks out. The Bruins pick 14th, somewhere between 27 and 30 depending on how the Sharks do, and 49th this year.

In case you missed it, pick number 45: Cameron Morrison

Up next at number 44 is our pick, Ryan Lindgren.

The Minnesota born defenseman, Lindgren is committed to playing for the University of Minnesota for the 2016-2017 season. Prior to his commitment to Minnesota, Lindgren posted a stat line of 61 GP, 6G, 19A 25PTS 60PIM playing on the U18 USDP team.

Why Bruins fans should want to draft him:

Strong skater
Heavy shot

Draftsite has the scoop:

American born defender with good feet and a solid two way game. Not tall, but solidly built, he displays poise in his own end and smarts with, or without the puck. His four direction skating ability gives him an advantage as both a defender (who can handle one on ones and retrieve the quick dump-ins rapidly) and as an attacker (who can smartly read his options, and make astute decisions as a passer or carrier). A solid six footer who has a bit of an edge to go along with the top flight acceleration, nice vision, and an active stick when defending. He is good with the puck in the attack zone and has a good point shot. Very calm and decisive when on the ice, and always seems to make the smart play in all zones.

Oooooh defense. We like defense right? A clear long-term player, Lindgren is the kind of player that gets taken to promote the future. Playing already in several international tournaments. Lindgren is clearly trusted to perform in high pressure situations.

His brother Charlie Lindgren is a goalie prospect in the Canadien’s organization. Why does Montreal get to have a defenseman to score on his brother while we don’t? Should the draft order go unchanged, Lindgren would be snatched up by Tampa Bay. As with all early second-rounders though, there is the possibility of jumping up or sliding several picks. Should Lindgren be available at number 49, the Bruins should pounce on him.

What do you think?

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