B2B’s 2016 NHL Entry Draft Preview: Pick 41

Up next on the Bobby to Bergy prospects preview rolling in at pick number 41 is Sebastian Aho.
A small center / winger from Finland, Aho is a playmaker first, who controls the puck well.

Wait, the picture says he plays for Sweden, and I could have sworn Sebastian Aho was drafted by Carolina last year. What gives CB18?
Oh shoot, you’re right, reader! Let me start over:

Up next on the Bobby to Bergy prospects preview rolling in at pick number 41 is Sebastian Aho.
A small defenseman from Sweden, Aho is a mobile defenseman who is a good passer and has a high hockey IQ.
Hockey’s Future has the scoop

Aho’s high talent level makes him an intriguing prospect despite his small stature. While he will be challenged by the bigger and faster players at the NHL level his skill set suggests he could be an effective puck moving defenseman and power play quarterback in the future.

If you’re looking for this particular Aho’s twitter handle, it can be found here .

Some highlights:

Why should we want to draft him? You can never have too many play making defensemen, but already having Torey Krug and Matt Grzelcyk, you have to think the Bruins would look elsewhere on their draft board. However if Aho is available at number 49, there’s a hard question of ,”Who’s available that’s better?”

Why shouldn’t we draft him? Because Carolina has the 50th pick and they HAVE TO DRAFT HIM. Seriously, can you think of a better scenario in recent years than to have two players on the same team that have the exact same name? It’s awesome enough that the Staals, Benns, Hamiltons, and the Sedins are on the same team. To have both the same last name AND first name though? How would that work jersey wise? Scoring wise? Would the NHL step in and tell Carolina they can’t draft him? The possibilities are endless!

What do you think?

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