Morning Free Association, June 1, 2016

There was no NHL hockey game last night.

What did happen yesterday?

Blues coach Ken Hitchcock was re-upped for another year. 1 year. A stunning display of faith in the coach who led them deeper into the playoffs then they had been in 15 years. Tough crowd.

Meanwhile the Ducks are still looking for their next coach:


Next, to virtually no one’s surprise, reports out of Russia claim that P-Bruin Alexander Khokhlachev has signed a contract with KHL team SKA St. Petersburg. My take – it’s a shame the Bruins won’t get anything in return for him, but there weren’t many openings at center and Spoons did much more with his opportunities with the big club than Koko did. If the B’s had read the tea-leaves correctly, perhaps they could have traded him for a few magic beans. Too bad.
Move along

And finally, the Department of Player Safety decided that there would be no need for a hearing for Patrick Marleau on a controversial hit in Monday night’s Stanley Cup final game.

Dept of Player Safety determines no Supplemental Discipline is warranted for Patrick Marleau’s hit on Bryan Rust in Game 1 of the SCF. Main points of contact: shoulders, chest. Rust low, off-balance, reaching.
Marleau does not “pick” the head, elevate or extend. Head contact is with Marleau’s back.

Pittsburgh fan reaction was somewhat predictable:
Rabble Rabble!

angry penguin

Thank you hockey twitter, you never disappoint.
all this can be horrible

What’s happening in your universe?

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