B2B’s 2016 NHL Entry Draft Preview: Pick 14 – Julien Gauthier

If Satan81, Phonymahoney, and I are correct in our draft order (and of course we are), the Boston Bruins will select with the 14th overall pick, from the Val-d’Or Foreurs, Julien Gauthier. A right winger playing in the QMJHL (honestly, just too many letters in this one) Gauthier is often compared to Rick Nash; this is a reoccurring theme as our 20th pick Riley Tufte frequently draws the same comparison.

From EliteProspects

An explosive power forward who boasts an elite-level skill package. Takes nothing for granted and plays with hard-nosed work ethic. Tremendous vision and outstanding hockey sense; thrives under pressure and doesn’t stray from the high-percentage play. Willingness to play physical and win battles in his own end makes him a vital asset, stepping up at the game’s key moments. Exceptional skating ability allows him to stay with, if not ahead, of each unfolding play. Refined puckhandling skills allow him to maintain puck control at breakneck speeds. All-in-all, a prolific scorer whose attitude and innate abilities will constantly propel him into dominance.

Some Highlights:

Why should the Bruins draft him?
Size: Check
Right Wing: Check
Scoring ability: Check
What more do you need to know?

Why should the Bruins pass?
They are not going to because this is the 14th “pick” and the Bruins are picking 14th so there. That’s why.

He’s a good player, and if your only source is Craig Button, the Bruins could draft him in the second round at 49 due to this unusually low ranking.

I can’t think of one reason to not draft him at 14. Satan81 and I have talked about this kid before and we’re in agreement on him. Should the Bruins not take him, it will be because they drafted for defense.

What do you think?

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As much as the Bruins are allegedly very keen on Dante Fabbro, I can totally see Sweeney going for Gauthier. He seems very much like a Sweeney-style pick – a player with top-end raw physical gifts of size, speed, and skill who is eager to learn and hone his skills. Think Zach Senyshyn, but even better.


He sounds like a Claude style player, too:
Physical: Check
Plays hard in his own end: Check
High hockey IQ: Check
Has Julien in his name: Check