B2B’s 2016 NHL Entry Draft Preview: Pick 15 – Jake Bean

At #15 we have Jake Bean, left-shooting defenseman for the Calgary Hitmen in the WHL.

The first thing you’ll notice about Bean is that he’s a very smooth and swift skater. He likes to jump in the rush, but has the hockey sense to know when to do it and the quickness to get back to cover his defensive responsibilities. He has excellent poise and vision, calmly and patiently making plays and passes in transition. On the attack, he’s been the quarterback for the Hitmen’s power play, with strong passing skills. He has a very accurate shot from both the point and down low. Bean also has a knack for getting pucks on net and for picking the top corners; I’ll admit I was reminded of Ray Bourque in that regard.

If there’s a knock on Jake Bean, it’s his size. He’s a little undersized at 6’1″ and definitely under weight at 172 lbs. He’s sometimes struggled in dump-and-chase situations in his own end. He’ll need to spend a few years adding mass to his frame in order to win those physical puck battles. Like nearly every young defenseman, don’t expect him to crack an NHL roster in his first couple of years after being drafted. When he does, he’ll be the kind of quick, puck-moving defenseman teams are looking for in today’s NHL.


This highlight video also features “Light Comes Out of Black” by Rob Halford: \,,/ \,,/

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