Morning Free Association, June-23-2016, ROBBED!

The 2016 NHL Awards were last night, and Bruins won no prizes!

We had our own running thread during the ceremony, but here are some highlights of the awards.
The Bruins players who were finalists for awards were Loui Eriksson for the Lady Byng, and Patrice Bergeron for the Selke.

To a fair amount of surprise, Anze Kopitar won both awards. There also seemed to be differing pronunciations of his name between award presenters, and since he wasn’t there to correct them, the confusion would not be corrected.
Andy Kopitar - Byng winner.
Kopitar won the Selke by a surprisingly large margin in spite of Bergeron’s higher goals, defensive zone starts, faceoff %, and Corsi-rel. In fact the Kings took 3 of the 4 awards they were in the top 5 in voting for, which makes me wonder if the PHWA inducted 20 new members from LA this season.

Also a surprise, the NHL Foundation Award for charitable & community work went to Mark Giordano. Not to downplay Giordano’s efforts, but I have it on good authority that PK Subban personally saved 40,000 puppies from a burning building and trained them to run a chain of luxury soup kitchens.
puppy preparing lunch
However, even if the award voters didn’t completely endorse him, it seems like someone is pretty high on him.

To no one’s surprise, the Cap’s goaltender won the Vezina
I love Scotch

And finally it was mostly unsurprising (if disappointing) to see Patrick Kane win the Hart trophy.
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