Bruins sign Scorey Krug to 4-year, $5.25mil/yr extension

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The Bruins just announced they signed Torey Krug to a 4-year, $5.25mil/yr extension:

As the Bruins mentioned, Krug scored a career-high 44 points last season, which ranked him 9th among NHL defensemen. I’m vehemently anti-smurf, but the Bruins took a chance on an undrafted, smurfy defenseman and ended up catching lightning in a bottle. You can say his minutes are sheltered or you can say he’s been effectively deployed. Whichever it is, he’s clearly part of the solution.

I’m a believer and I’m looking forward to at least four more years of goals, goals, goals!

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I’m on board for more Krug.
I feel like we didn’t really overpay, so that’s a plus.


Regarding the sheltering, it is worth noting that he was far less sheltered last season than the previous year (OZ start from 60% to 55%) and yet his relative Corsi and Fenwick both improved. Promising signs in my eyes.


I have to agree on this. He spent too much time on the ice to truly be sheltered. His ATOI was actually bordering on top pairing numbers.

In fact, I did an analysis, and found that if you did a rollup of all D-men in the league, and scooped up the top minutes per team, Krug was actually the very last guy in ATOI to fall within ‘top60 D-man minutes’. (there were actually more than 60 D-men in that group because i had to account for players with games played < 82).

There's obviously some skew in there because of 5-on-5 time vs OT vs PP vs PK. And who was he paired with? No-one special. Usually Seids or Quaider in 5-on-5. The dude is a solid 2nd pairing guy.


According to, Krug was 70th in ES TOI/G among defensemen with ≥ 60 GP last season. He rises to 56th if you narrow it down to those with ≥70 GP.