Morning Free Association, July 18 – Expansion News

Yes, the league is expanding… bringing Pro kockey to a new city…

The KHL is expanding to London, England. While the UK is not a hockey dead zone by any means, it is not a hot spot either. In the EIHF, the only team with respectable ticket sales is the Nottingham Panthers. It is therefore interesting that Panthers owner Neil Black is rumored to be involved in this.

As you surely remember, the KHL was envisioned as a 64 team league with both a European conference and a Russian conference.
This is a very ambitious step towards that goal.
The KHL is also expanding into China. These two new teams would bring them to a total of 30 teams in 9 countries.

Meanwhile in North America, the new Las Vegas NHL franchise has named their incoming GM, Patrick Macnee

… or was that Archie McFee?
Archie McFee
Nope. Still not right.
Maybe it was George McPhee?

Yes, that’s it.
McPhee, an advisor to Islanders GM Garth Snow, was the GM of the Washington Capitals up until 2014. This gives him a rather deep NHL pedigree. He has already begun talking with the press, and is certainly not an outlandish choice. (Though some Caps fans may tend to disagree)
Following that announcement came the admission that there are some complications with settling on a team name. Apparently, the name in question already has trademark claims on it which are making things difficult.

We have a lot of names in mind, but a lot of the ones I really liked are trademarked, so that’s a little bit of an issue — Bill Foley, team owner

C’mon, man… get inventive:
The Las Vegas Vice
The Las Vegas Mob
The Nevada Test Site
The Mojave Gila Monsters

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