Morning Free Association, July 20:
The NWHL Also Does Drafting

The NWHL held it’s 2nd annual entry draft on Monday.

You can see which dreams drafted which players here.
And helpfully, you can see where your Boston Pride is against the cap here. The NWHL cap remains at a whopping $270,000 per roster. They currently have the fewest players locked up of the NWHL teams, with only 2 goaltenders, 2 defensemen and 3 forwards signed for the upcoming season. The New York Riveters already have 14 skaters and a goaltender signed. This season, NWHL teams will have 15 skaters and 2 goalies on their regular rosters as well as 1 goalie and 5 skaters on their practice team.
For reference, last season each team had 15 skaters (usually 10 Forwards & 5 Defensemen), 3 goaltenders and 4 additional skaters on their practice team. (Since the NWHL has no farm league, they need to have multiple skaters available to draw from when one or more of their starters is unavailable. So these are essentially the 13th forward/7th defenseman equivalent players)
NWHL free agency ends on July 31st.

Elsewhere in hockey, newly signed New York Riveter Amanda Kessel showed off her moment with the Stanley Cup (care of brother Phil…)

Lord Stanley.

A photo posted by @amandakessel8 on

But Lord Stanley’s cup isn’t the only one that travels…

The Isobel Cup spent the 4th of July at the beach, sharing soft-serve ice cream with Smelkee (Boston Pride forward Jordan Smelker)

You can follow her adventures on twitter with hashtag #WheresIsobel.

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