Morning Free Association, July 22 – No Sleep in Brooklyn

Is Brooklyn not the paradise the Islanders thought it was?

Rumors have been percolating that the Islanders are considering a new new home.
From Puck Daddy:

The Islanders are in talks with the Wilpon family, owners of the New York Mets, about building an arena adjacent to Citi Field in Queens, according to sports columnist Scott Soshnick of Bloomberg News, who is the first mainstream source to report rumors that have been kicking around New York recently.

It is certainly possible that this is posturing by the ownership grou, looking for a better deal. However, many fans have complained about the severely obstructed views in the relatively small Barclays Center. And the choice to remove some premium seats so they can advertise some Honda SUV is clownish at best. Though it does have a mock Twitter account:

Apparently the SUV has it’s eyes on the next venue as well

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