Morning Free Association, July 26 – Show Me the Money!

Who could break up this couple?

It sounds like Brad Marchand is looking for a payday

This tweet came out on Saturday

$7M x 7 years? Phew, that’s a lot.
But is it unreasonable?

Last year, #63 had an ATOI of 18:36/game, 37G/24A/61P. That’s 32nd among NHL forwards and his 0.79pts/game is 37th among forwards. However, in goals per 60 minutes, he was 5th among starters in the league!
Even considering that respectable performance, one of his biggest strengths is his defensive play and contributions on the penalty kill. He had 6 short-handed points last season, 3rd among NHL forwards. A +/- of 21 – 11th among all forwards and first on the Bruins. His Corsi-for was 55% – which is reflected by a Corsi rel of 8.0 – both second on the Bruins only to Patrice Bergeron. (“Happy Birthday, Patrice! Now where’s my money?”)

He was listed as #38 on the NHL’s “Top Shelf Breakout Players of 2015-16

From a leadership standpoint, he’s a guy who seems to be stepping up. He was a much more consistent player last season, and brought the effort every night. He also seems a bit more vocal on the bench/in the locker room than he had been in the past. He was given the “A” one game this year – and was promptly suspended for clipping. In fact, he is the only player in the NHL to ever be suspended for clipping – and it happened twice. Frankly, because of his size, as well as his reputation, he is MUCH more likely to be penalized for hits that other players would not be. His consistent effort level is also a comparatively new phenomenon – after all, he was called out a couple of years ago for spending more effort in chirping than the rest of his game.
However, he is Patrice Bergeron’s valentine, and Alain Vigneault’s least favorite son. Both of those accomplishments must be worth something.

I’m not sure that 7×7 is unreasonable, but it sure is hard to swallow. As a Bruins fan, I want Marchy here for a long time. I’m just not sure that I’ll be as happy to pay him $7M in 2023 as I might be in 2017.

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