Morning Free Association, July 28 – Backes in Black

New Bruin David Backes is in town doing Boston things. (I did a quick search for Backes and got a picture of a Capybara, so damnit, I’m going with it!)

He’s in town to find a place for his family- his wife, Kelly, daughter Stella, 4 dogs, and 2 cats. Wearing his new Boston Bruins sweater, he stopped in for a visit at MSPCA Angell in Jamaica Plain to meet some new animal friends and the Boston Media.

Backes, an Olympian, and his wife have been long-time advocates for animal rescue, and are known for having organized a rescue project for the strays in Sochi leading into the Winter Olympics.

I have a feeling we’re gonna love this guy.
We already love his dogs.

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