Morning Free Association, August 4: They Moved Bobby Orr!

The Goal

I’ll take inspiration where I can get it. The problem is, I haven’t found it.

Yesterday, I walked around Boston. The Pokemon were lacking, so it was a good opportunity to just explore. I ended up at North Station, then went up to the Bruins ProShop just to take a look. Good news: if you wanted a Chris Kelly, Loui Eriksson, or Dennis Seidenberg shirsey, you can get them for $10 each. They advertised having those former players’ jerseys on sale for 30 bucks, but I couldn’t find them. However, if you were looking for a deal on the Winter Classic jerseys they had left (Krejci, Connolly, and uncrested), you would still have to pay $240. Bastards!

Anyway, back to outside. They moved Bobby Orr out to the adjacent park because construction on that Shaw’s that-nobody-really-wants has begun. I guess someone wants it, but it just makes getting around that area stupidly difficult right now. I was coached on how to take the above picture by a couple of ladies lunching in the park. Of course, my right foot stepped in a puddle of SOMETHING and had to debate whether or not I wanted to chop off my leg, soak it in bleach, or be completely normal by washing it while considering buying a hazmat suit.

All of this is unimportant.

My problem right now with the Bruins is that I find them completely uninspiring. My namesake is gone. We won’t be chanting HINGA DINGA DURGEN in game threads anymore. The defense looks strikingly similar to a dumpster just prior to the being-on-fire part. I can’t find it right now, nope. Maybe training camp will reveal something different. Maybe the World Cup of Hockey will get me excited for the sport again, seeing Bruins players play making me realise what I love about them. (By the way, ESPN has released it’s schedule of the games. They are televising every game.) I hope so.

Anyway, maybe I need reminding- maybe we all do- about what we love about the Bruins.

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