Morning Free Association, August 5

What’s news today?

Well, the P-Bruins hired Jay Leach and Trent Whitfield as assistant coaches.

Who do you talk to about concussions?
Well… Paul Sorvino has stopped taking my calls… and that dummy I made out of butter & shotgun shells has fallen apart so… how about Gabriel Landeskog? He wrote a nice little piece for the Players Tribune.

The World Junior Summer showcase is underway. Team USA looked pretty good vs team Sweden on Wednesday, defeating Sweden 4-3. Our buddy Charlie McAvoy made a couple of highlight reel plays.

Speaking of international play, the schedule for the World Cup of Hockey has been released. We will get a dozen games in the group play, followed by 2 Semi Final games and 2 (or 3) Final round games.

How is preseason in the KHL?
Foggy, apparently…

The NWHL has entered into a partnership with “You Can Play”, the group encouraging LGBT acceptance and participation in hockey.

Each team has a YouCanPlay captain and will make a promotional video. The CWHL and NHL have also done this in previous seasons, but this is the first year the NWHL has officially jumped on board.

They are also retiring last season’s jerseys and taking fan votes on new ones for the upcoming season.

Why? I have no idea.

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