Morning Free Association, August 9

Everyone who was involved in making the following video should feel bad.


Making Bruins prospects say these old tropes to mimic the Boston accent, whether they are local grown (Ryan Donato, Ryan Fitzgerald) or not, is annoying. There has to be some other way to rib the good people of Massachusetts. I mean, expecting these young men, most of which have spent little time in Boston, to be able to perfect the accent when professional actor and Bostonian Matt Damon can’t is just asking too much.

What I learned from the video:

  • Zane McIntyre is a dork
  • Malcolm Subban does have a bit of his older brother PK’s personality. Also, he seems to be in good health after his horrible laryngeal injury.
  • Ryan Fitzgerald does not sound like either of my brothers-in-law, who also grew up in North Reading.
  • Ryan Donato just looks like he’s from Boston, in that I’ve seen a lot of kids that look like him. And he sounds like it, too.
  • Brandon Carlo is blonder than I thought. Also, he looks like he should start surfing.
  • In Other News:

    Former Bruin Craig Janney has been elected to the Us Hockey Hall of Fame.


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