Morning Free Association, August 10, Meanwhile in Russia…

Many of us have been distracted by Russia’s antics in the Olympics, and the sometimes less-than-dignified responses by the American swim team. But hockey season is getting close in Russia.

What hockey goings-on are there in Russia?

Russian Machine Breaks?

Ovi says no. Ovi strong like bull.

Ok, false alarm, I guess…

But the KHL preseason has been fun this week. If you remember, I mentioned that China now has a KHL team: Kunlun Red Star. Well let’s watch Barys Astana player Damir Ryspayev beat up the Kunlun team. The entire Kunlun team.

This guy had logged 200 penalty minutes in 23 KHL games. As for the Red Star? Well, clearly they’ve never seen a KHL game before, since none of their players dropped the gloves. In fact, they left the game in protest, and reported the incident to the Beijing Police.

It’s not only players who get into it…
Over the weekend, in a pre-season game between Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk and Torpedo Nizhy-Novgorod, the two teams’ coaches got into it.

I find it particularly interesting to watch the players gather around, just watching the spectacle.
Those with particularly sharp eyes may recognize Torpedoes’ coach Peter Skudra, the former NHL goaltender, who played a stint on the Bruins. Hooray, alumni!

Ok, after all this, I think we need a pallette cleanser – Russian style.
Cue the skills-competition javelin throw:

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