Morning Free Association, August 18

Short in stature but full of heart, Nathan Gerbe of the Carolina Hurricanes stands only 5’4″ without skates and had to constantly work to prove he deserved to be in the NHL. Writing about his work ethic and where it comes from in the Player’s Tribune, Gerbe had this to say about playing against the NHL’s current tallest player (and tallest of all-time, for that matter), Bruins Captain Zdeno Chara.

Throughout my career, I’ve had to play against some of the biggest players in the world. Going up against guys like Zdeno Chára is always a challenge. Chára is literally 17 inches taller and almost 80 pounds heavier than I am. But I love competing against him. Seriously, call me crazy, but I look forward to it every single time. Hey, if I can catch Chára looking the other way, I might be able to knock him down.

If Gerbe can reach Chara’s center of gravity, of course he can knock him down since he’s like a giraffe on skates. But I have to hand it to him, the guy has heart and determination, so I want to see him try…and fail because I’m a Bruins fan, not a ‘Canes fan.

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