Morning Free Association, August 22

So, as many of you have heard by now, the Boston Bruins did not win the Jimmy Vesey sweepstakes. The team that did might just surprise you.

In a move that has many of us at B2B scratching our heads, Jimmy Vesey signed with the New York Rangers. Was it the lure of the Big City? Was he promised a top-line slot? Would he finally be able to be around his man-crush?

Yes, those Rangers, that seem to be in decline more than the Bruins. Those New York Rangers who are two seasons removed from a Stanley Cup Final with little hope to return.

So, why did he sign there? Puck Daddy’s Josh Cooper has written an article on it, suggesting in part that celebrity may have swayed Vesey to play in the Big Apple. Of course, Jimmy denies that celebrity pitches played a factor but had this to say:

“I don’t think it had a factor in the decision, so to speak, but one of the things I definitely liked about New York was the top-notch lifestyle that the city offers.”

Top-notch lifestyle. Apparently, Jimmy doesn’t think that he can get that here.

He goes on to say that he felt he could contribute straight-away. Kevin Hayes, who also was emancipated from the Blackhawks in 2014, ending up in New York, gave him some guidance. Ultimately, New York’s pitch, along with the lure of a “top-notch lifestyle” is what made him sign with the Rags.

Ah, well, I guess the Bruins off-season is complete.

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