Morning Free Association, September 8

You can’t fight city hall. But you can suck from the government teat.

The Jacobs’ family company Delaware North is busy again…
Back on March 3rd, City of Boston Mayor Walsh announced that the Boston Garden Devlopment Corporation would be tapped to spruce up City Hall Plaza (a.k.a. the fugliest building in town). The BGDC is a subsidiary of Delaware North, owner & operator of the TD Garden. Well, the wheels of government are nothing if not speedy,
and it appears that they have actually signed a contract to consummate the deal.

The original proposal was a 3 year deal that called for year-round “programming” of the Plaza. This means that they would set up temporary structures and attractions that would change seasonally and adapt to accomodate other events at the plaza. The bid in March included a sort of simulated beach (complete with sand) in the summer, and an “iconic observation wheel” (a ferris wheel) as well. One feature mentioned was some sort of restaurant with a liquor license that would be operated by the Patina Restaurant Group, which is — of course — a subsidiary of Delaware North.

One of the more interesting features included, which is highlighted in the facebook post, was an ice skating path to be set up during the winter(s). The sketch shown includes a large island of ornamental plants surrounded with an oval ice-skating track.

I will admit to being intrigued by this – while I do not typically indulge in public skating, I like the concept of it, and am glad when it appears. It will be interesting to see if they strong-arm any of the Bruins to publicly try it out as a publicity stunt.

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