Morning Free Association, September 13

The NHL is going to crack down on a problem that has plagued the league for quite some time now. “Is it head shots?”, you might ask. “Delay of Game? Are they getting rid of it?”, might be another suggestion. “Oh, I know, better support for retired players. That has to be it.”

Nope. It’s the size of goalie pants.

“We’re going to get reduced pants size early in the season, as early as opening night,” said NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly last week.

Yep, the league hopes to have this problem solved by the beginning of the season. Seems like something that wouldn’t be hard to do, having had a whole summer off and everything.

Now, the pants will fit the goalie. “If you have a skinny waist, you should have skinnier pants. I think it’s pretty reasonable,” said Cory Schneider of the New Jersey Devils, an influential voice on the equipment changes.


Cory Schneider: Advocate. Fashionista. Sizeist.

Other changes are coming to other goaltender equipment throughout the season because we all know that mid-season changes are always smooth, working well for everyone. I mean, ask anyone who subscribed to NHL Gamecenter, which became during the season. So smooth and perfect.

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