Morning Free Association, Sept 14 – the World Cup Cometh?

Three more days.
Three more days until a hockey tournament in which we’re not sure how invested we should be.

How are our Bruins faring?

David Krejci has begged off due to a hip surgery. Temporary Bruin Jaromir Jagr has bailed on the Czech team as well.

Tuukka appears to have lost his starting job for Team Finland to Pekka Rinne.

Observers agree that Chara looks slow.

Dennis Seidenberg looks at it as an opportunity to get his next job (hopefully not too far from Boston where his family lives).

Bergeron and Marchand are sharing a line with Sidney Crosby. I may watch WCH just for that.

Newcomer David Backes is banging some stuff for Team USA

Alumnus Tyler Seguin? Knocked out in prelimiaries with a fresh knee injury.

It sounds dangerous. Wait, isn’t David Pastrnak out there? Can we get him to come back right away?

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