Morning Food Association, September 16

Good morning B2Bers, and welcome to the Food Friday MFA! I’m your host, Carvinbass18, and I’m here to bring you a new recipe each and every Friday for you all to try, all centered around the Bruins. ¬†Today’s Bruin is none other than¬†Patrice Bergeron. Now CB18, what kind of food is the best player on the Bruins? Well my good readers, if Bergeron was a food, he would be Mac and Cheese. Who doesn’t absolutely LOVE mac and cheese (besides those who are lactose intolerant)? It’s so versatile. You can cook it with all sorts of vegetables, meats, it can be a side dish or even a whole course. Party coming up and need to feed a lot of people? Mac’n cheese. There are more foods that are flashier, more expensive, impressive, but none that can do it all quite like it, just like our Bergeron. As promised though, a recipe for you all

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