Morning Free Association, September 21

We’re getting closer to actual hockey, I swear. The problem is this tournament isn’t satisfying that craving we all have.

So, Sweden beat Finland 2-0. To be fair, Tuukka (because honestly, like Cher, he only needs one name) only let one past him- the other was an empty net goal by former teammate, Loui Eriksson.

Team USA scored first, but never regained the lead after Canada took a 3-1 lead with goals by Corey Perry and Matt Duchene (x2). Team USA is eliminated with the 4-2 loss. But, they’re so lucky, they get to play another game on Thursday against the other eliminated team in their group, Czech Republic. I think. The broadcasters were all over the place with disseminating information that I chose to not believe anything they said. I mean, one of them was this guy:

I am always amazed that a guy that old can believe that greasy, slicked-back hair in a mullet is a good look for anyone, anytime, even prime-time on national television. The only thing worse than his hair was whatever popped out of his mouth.

In related news: A notable exemption from Team USA, had this to say about his evening.


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